Terry Baker, founder and CEO of Baker Farms, learned early the value of hard work. Baker Farms began as a one-man operation, with Terry occasionally hiring his younger sisters and friends to assist in the planting and harvesting of his few acres of crops.

Despite the struggles inherent in starting a farm, Terry had the overwhelming drive to succeed. Terry slowly began experimenting with different crops, new planting methods, and began to hire more employees. As Terry’s children grew, they also began helping on the farm. In 1989, Terry’s son Joe officially entered into a partnership with his father. Today, Baker Farms is still exclusively family owned, employing several family members, numerous long-time employees and over 150 seasonal workers.

Baker Farms is driven to be a leader in the produce industry and is a proud member of the Leafy Greens Council, Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, and Georgia Grown. At Baker Farms we uphold the highest standards of food safety, as evidenced by our “Superior” audit rating by PrimusGFS, a leading private auditor of fresh produce companies utilizing a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized audit scheme.

Baker Farms continues to grow and expand its operations while remaining steadfast to the values upon which it began.