Food Safety- Seed to Table


Setting the Standard…

Nothing could be more important than the health of your family. It is our #1 goal to help maintain that health by setting the gold standard for safety in the produce industry. We understand that everything we grow ultimately ends up on someone’s table. Our food safety practices reflect the responsibility we feel toward our customers.

Growing- It takes more than just rain and sunshine…

Food safety begins with the seed.  Baker Farms has implemented cutting edge technologies and practices, including real time data collection, to ensure that we know EVERYTHING about each crop, from the seed to fruition and beyond. We have instant access to data for each of our fields, including land usage, seed varieties, pesticide controls, water supplies, and related information for each crop and location.

Harvesting—the fruit of our labors…

Food safety does not end with our product in the field. We understand that food safety must continue through harvest, packing and shipment.

Our employees understand that food safety is paramount. Each and every employee frequently receives training in all aspects of food safety, from hygiene practices to proper storage techniques. Moreover, our training has evolved to meet the needs of our changing consumer, as evidenced by our use of both on-site microbiological testing and outside microbiological testing. Our Primus audit scores showcase the importance we place on food safety.

fieldYou can count on our commitment to safety—from seed to table.